Bulk Silage

Monk and Son Ag offer a complete range of first-class machines for bulk silage. The latest Claas Jaguar Forage Harvesters with Shredlage processors offer the ultimate and most consistent chop length available on the market.

We offer the latest Smyth tri-axle haul out trailers, fully equipped with on-board scales and a portable weigh bridge for trucks without on board scales. This ensures you know the actual tonnes in the stack for accurate feed budgets as well as only paying for the exact amount of tonnes produced not just an estimate.

Bulk Silage Machinery


  • 3x tippers with trucks also available for long haul

Stack Compaction

  • 5x JCB 435 articulated loaders with buck rakes
  • 1x 930 Fendt with push rake


  • 6x Claas Jaguars
  • 4x Shredlage Processors


  • 3x triple mowers
  • 2x triple mowers with conditioners and belt mergers
  • 2x linkage mowers
  • 1x Macdon Windrower with 4m steel roller conditioner and 30ft drapper with or without conditioner rollers


  • 12x Smyth tri-axle 54 cube
  • 2x Bergmann tandem axle
  • 2x Mayer tandem axles


  • 4x quad rotors
  • 1x belt merger
  • 4x twin rotors