Monk and Son Ag offer a fully elite Maize service, strip tilling, planting, spreading and chopping services. Shredlage processors are used for chopping to ensure every corn kernel is cracked increasing the digestibility of the NDF to maximise milk or meat production. Scales are fitted on every trailer and a portable weighbridge is available for trucks ensuring every tonne harvested is accurately recorded.

The use of either a Boss Ag strip tiller or a Agri-con rotary strip tiller allows deep banding of fertilisers at two different depths. This applies the fertiliser in the root zone where it is directly available to the plant for maximum yields.

We also can precision apply Urea in crop with 4000L Amazone linkage spreader on row crop tyres with 3 metre centres using RTK GPS.

The business has 2 precision planters, 12-row Vaderstad precision planter and 8-row Vaderstad precision with section control. Ensuring planting is done to the highest standards possible using the most up to date technology and precision planting equipment.

Corn Machinery

  • 2x Vaderstad precision planters, 12 row and 8 row
  • 1x 4000L Amazone linkage spreader on row crop tyres
  • 4x Claas Jaguar forage harvesters with shredlage processors
  • 4x Kemper maize fronts
  • 12x Smyth tri axle trailers
  • 2x Bergmann tandem axle trailers
  • 3x 8-wheel trucks with others available for long haul